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Date & Time

  • Date Countdown

    Displays a countdown sequence to a specified date.

  • Date Display

    Displays time data that you can render in your page.

  • Timeago

    Counts up to, or away from, a specified date and time.


  • Accordion

    Displays content sections that can be collapsed and expanded.

  • Inline Gallery

    Displays slides, with optional pagination dots and thumbnails.

  • Lightbox

    Displays any content in a full-viewport "lightbox" modal.

  • Lightbox Gallery

    Provides a modal "lightbox" experience for images.

  • Selector

    An input that presents any type of content as list of options.

  • Sidebar

    Provides a way to display meta content intended for temporary access such as navigation, links, buttons, menus.

  • Stream Gallery

    The Bento Stream Gallery is for displaying multiple similar pieces of content at a time along a horizontal axis.


  • Fit Text

    Determines the best font size to fit all of a given text content within the available space.

Social & Media

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